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 Premium Business Listings

  Example listing:

What do I get with a Premium Listing?

Here's what's included:
  How much does it cost?

The current price is only $25.00 for a whole year. The price MAY be raised if the amount of traffic to the web site increases, but if you sign up now you will "lock in" at this price and be guaranteed your full year.

  How many people will see my Premium Listing?

We can predict this by knowing the number of visitors to the web site and the size/importance of your business. Click here to view the latest web site statistics. If desired, I can also research in my logs how many visitors have visited YOUR business' page recently (and estimate how many of those were from search engine "robots" and how many are from actual Coldwater residents).

Beware of competitor web sites that make bold claims of number of visitors! Just because a web site might have a high ranking in Google doesn't mean that people are actually visiting the web site. And if they are, are those mostly search engine "robots", or real people? And if real people, are you given the average number of people that are visits all that company's web sites for all cities, or are these Coldwater residents? Are you given a count of "hits", which might be 20 if the same user looks at 20 web pages the same day, or "visits", which is a count of one person viewing one or more web pages in a "session"?

I care very much about businesses in Coldwater, especially small businesses, and I am striving to set advertising rates to be very fair based on the actual amount of traffic the web site gets. I also am giving everyone a free listing, and am selling Premium listings only to those that want them and will benefit from them, meaning that everyone will get back in sales more than they paid for advertising. What really disturbs me are reports I'm hearing of a competitor using "hard sell" techniques, including placing website advertisements with corporate logos on a web site without permission, then offering advertising at a price that is not reasonable based on the amount of real traffic the web site will see. It does not help businesses to be cheated like this, and it hurts my web site also as businesses will come to distrust ALL internet-based advertising. I do not mind competition; I just want all internet-based advertising to have fair prices based on proven statistics. So... by all means, if you don't know me that well and want to scrutinize me before you buy, ask me to show you my numbers!

  How do I sign up?

Email or call me telling me what you want (see below for my contact information). I can copy and paste text from your Email into your Premium Listing. Email me a photo, drawing, or logo as an attachment and I can use that for the picture with your listing. You can also mail a picture to me that I can scan in with my scanner, but it will be easier for you and it will look better if you can send it via Email. You can also direct me to copy a photo or logo from a web site you may already have. I can give you payment instructions when you contact me.

   Any other questions? See the Frequently Asked Questions,
      or Email (click on the link to reveal the Email),
      or call 617-4863 weekdays 1pm - 5pm.

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