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 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What is
Ans: Essentially, it is an online yellow pages for Coldwater, Michigan. Additional helpful services are also provided, such as maps of areas of the city, the Coldwater Virtual Tour which is a collection of photographs accurately documenting the buinessess in the city, and a list of community events.

Example business listing and benefits

  2. Why is better than my (printed) phone book?
Ans: The phone book is only published once a year, so it is not up-to-date with the latest business openings or closings. Business are also listed under the names on record with the phone company and not necessarily the name on the sign in front of the business, so it may be hard to find. makes it very fast and easy to find businesses by name, category, or location. Listings are kept up to date by's owner and/or submissions from the actual business owners - typos or mistakes, when found, can be corrected within 24 hours.

Phone book advertisement mistake

  3. Aren't there already other Coldwater Yellow Pages online?
Ans: Yes, but the other ones usually rely on bulk phone company databases and are auto-generated by computers which may be 1,000 miles from Coldwater. Listings are often incomplete or may have businesses that closed several years ago. has been created by hand locally and is largely based on actual on-site verification of businesses. Additions and corrections are not submitted to a computer but to a real person who will make sure the listing stays correct.

Example - Inaccurate Search on Popular Search Engine

Also, there are some locally created web sites that list businesses, but generally these only list participating members or paying members. Only lists ALL businesses in Coldwater, giving you the ability to comparison shop. Each business has its own web page in a consistent format, making the playing field more level for smaller businesses without a significant web presence (see example business listing near the top of this web page).

  4. I found a mistake! How can I submit a correction?
Simply click on the button below to send me an Email:

You are not submitting to a mindless computer, but a real person who lives locally and who will ensure that a listing is updated correctly. You can also request a new business be added, or that a closed business be moved to the "Vacant Properties" list. Please include as much information as you can in your Email, including who you are. If you are not the actual owner of the business, for example, I will need to verify the information before posting it.

  5. I am a business owner. Is my listing really free?
Yes! Every business in Coldwater gets a free listing with business name, category (one main category per business, for now), sub-category (8 key words or less), address (physical address), phone number (main phone), and short description (50 words or less). If your business is in one of the six main regions, you also get (and should already have) a map block assigned and a photograph of your block with your business in it. (If your business is not in one of the six main regions, don't worry, I'm working on new ways to help guide your customers to your business.) If you haven't already looked at your listing and submitted a description for it, by all means do so now! Click on the button below to submit your description and any changes:
  6. If the web site is free and business listings are free, who owns and is paying for is owned by Kevin North, a local resident who loves Coldwater, wants to see it better represented on the Internet, and wants to promote local businesses. I am paying for it, including web hosting and avertising expenses. Any revenue generated from the sale of premium listings and banner ads will be used to pay for these expenses and further enhance the site, making it more valuable to you and the community.

  7. I am a business owner, and a competing web site has already tried to sell me an ad.
      Why should I choose over them?

Before you advertise in ANY website, you should ask yourself, how much will it cost me to advertise, and how many potential customers will I get in return? The number of potential customers is directly related to the number of visitors to the web site. The more visitors to the web site, the more the ad is worth. Be wary of any "hard sell" marketing pitches with bold claims of site visitors. Don't look at how many search engines the web site is registered with; look for hard evidence of real Coldwater residents using the site. At, I promise that everyone will always get a FREE listing, and premium listings and banner ads will be at a very fair price that is reflective of the actual number of visitors to Expect to pay LESS than other media like phone books or newspapers - the internet is supposed to make everything cheaper and more efficient!

  8. Who can be in
Currently, any business (or organization) with a mailing address of "Coldwater, MI  49036". is designed to promote Coldwater businesses. There are no current plans to expand to Quincy or Bronson, though this might be a future possibility depending on the popularity of In general, your business can have one listing per name on a physical sign outside your business. For example, if the sign in front of your business says "Betty's Gift Shop - Gerald's Tackle", then "Betty's Gift Shop" and "Gerald's Tackle" can have separate listings. If the sign only says "Betty's Gift Shop", then you will only get the one listing. The reason for this is that customers will be driving and trying to find your business on a sign, and they will easily get lost if they see no sign. If you want to have two separate listings, just change your sign (and preferably register a second assumed business name with the County Clerk). A few businesses in the city have two names on their sign but really are the same business (e.g., "John Doe Building Supply - Doedoe Lumber"). In that case I could give you two listings but it would make more sense to only have one so as not to confuse your customers. Just let me know which of the two names to use, and be sure that is the name on your sign that people will be looking for. You can put the alternate name (or former name, or dealer-of name, etc.) in the short description for your business if you'd like. Finally, a few businesses in the city are located inside a larger office building and may not have their own sign out front. In this case you can still have your own listing; just make sure your business name is on the building directory immediately inside the front door. If your suite number is not already listed with your address, please submit this when you submit your business' short description.

  9. Can home-based businesses have a listing?
Yes, yes! Especially since you don't usually find home-based businesses in a phone book and possibly not anywhere else online. You don't have to have filed a DBA with the county... as long as you have a Coldwater mailing address (note: address doesn't have to be made public), and your are offering products and/or services on a continuous basis (i.e., not just a one-time sale), and you want people to call your phone number, feel free to sign up! Examples of home-based busineses: Avon, photographer, handyman service, seamstress, homemade soap, etc.

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