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Airports & Air Services
Airport, aircraft service (see also: Travel Agents)

Antiques & Second Hand Stores
Antiques, thrift stores, second hand merchandise

Apartment Complexes
Apartments for rent

Appliance Repair
Repairs for: Dishwashers, washers, dryers, A/C...

Appliances & Electronics
Appliances, radios, stereos

Estate planning, bankruptcy law, personal injury, property damage...

Auctioneering service

Automobile Sales / Service
New cars, used cars, RVs, car repair, parts, stereos, glass, machining, batteries, oil change...

Full service banks, savings & loans, credit unions, mortgages, ATMs (see also: Financial Services, Investment Securities)

Barbers & Beauty Salons
Haircuts, beauty salons, make-up, manicure, tanning, tattoos (see also: Massage)

Boat sales, boat repair, marinas, docks (see also: Fishing & Hunting)

Book sales, book publishers, libraries

Building Supplies
Lumber, hardware, cabinets, paint (see also: Home Improvement)

Business Services
Printing, leasing, surveying, appraisals, consulting, marketing, office furnuture, web hosting...

Tent camping, RV camping, resorts

Catering / Wholesale Food
Catering, food wholesalers, beverages, milk, fruits, vegetables, bakeries...

Methodist, Baptist, Church of Christ, Presbyterian, Mormon, Jehovah's Witnesses, Non-Denominational...

Dry cleaning, self-service laundromats, janitorial service...

General clothing, Women's (see also: Department Stores)

Clubs & Organizations
Social service, community service, non profit, country club, labor...

Computer sales, computer repair...

Contractors & Repairmen
Plumbers, electricians, heating and A/C repair, general contractors, septic tanks, roofers, paving...

Craft supplies, beads, scrapbooking, stamping, ceramics, classes...

Day Care
Day care

Dentists, orthodonists, oral surgeons, dental laboratories

Department Stores
General merchandise, clothing + merchandise, "upscale" stores (see also: Clothing)

Discount Stores
Discount merchandise, dollar stores (see also: Groceries & Pharmacies)

Schools, colleges, educational materials, tutors

Temporary staffing agencies, training, occupational safety

Movie theaters, drive-ins, live theater, billiards, bowling, roller skating, video rentals, home video games...

Farm supplies, farm equipment repairs, farms, dairy, fairgrounds, 4-H...

Financial Services
Accountants, tax returns, mortgages, check cashing... (see also: Banks, Investment Securities)

Fishing & Hunting
Tackle, bait, guns, sporting goods... (see also: Boating)

Florists & Greenhouses
Flowers, wedding flowers, greenhouses, nurseries (see also: Lawn & Home Exterior)

Funeral Arrangements
Funeral homes, funerals, monuments, burial vaults

Furniture stores, mattresses, upholstery, used furniture

Gas / Convenience Stores
Gasoline, convenience stores, fountain drinks, cigarettes, propane (see also: Liquor)

Gift Shops & Vendors
Gifts, greeting cards, lamps, soaps, candles, purses

General purpose glass (see also: Automobile Sales / Service; Home Improvement)

Fire department, police, post office, city hall, county clerk, U.S. army recruiting, etc.

Groceries & Pharmacies
Groceries, ethnic groceries, "supercenters", drug stores, 1-hour photo finishing...
Hearing Aids, Audiology
Hearing aids, audiologists

Home Improvement
Windows, floors, carpeting, decorating, cabinets (see also: Building Supplies)

Hospitals & Related Services
Hospitals, emergencies, ambulances, rehab, nursing homes, adult care... (see also: Physicians)

Hotels / Motels
Hotels, motels, bed & breakfasts

Industrial Sales / Service
Manufacturers, machine shops, tool & die, welding, industrial supplies...

Health, life, automobile, homeowner's, insurance consultants...

Investment Securities
Investments, 401K, financial advisors, stock & bond brokers... (see also: Banks, Financial Services)

Jewelry, crystals

Lawn & Home Exterior
Lawns, mowers, swimming pools, landscaping... (see also: Florists & Greenhouses; Glass)

Liquor / Cannabis
Beer, wine, fine liquor, marijauna/cannabis (see also: Gas / Convenience Stores)

Massage therapy, acupuncture

Media (Newspapers, Radio)
Printed newspapers, advertising guides, radio

Modular / Mobile Homes
Modular homes, Manufactured home sales, mobile home parks

Motorcycle sales, repairs, parts...

Museums & Attractions
Museums, landmarks...

Instruments, guitars, sheet music, music instruction

Health food, nutritionists

Fuel oil, lubricating oil

Eye doctors, opthamology, glasses...

Party Supplies
Balloons, costumes (see also: Rentals; Weddings)

Pets & Vets
Veteranarians, pet boarding, pet supplies, grooming...

Photography & Art
Portraits, picture framing

General practice, specialists (see also: Hospitals & Related Services)

Real Estate
Houses for sale, offices for sale or lease, land (see also: Title & Home Inspection)

Car & truck rentals, furniture, appliances, computers (see also: Weddings)

Restaurants, Bars, Ice Cream
Fast food, pizza, subs, steak, donuts, diners, bars & taverns, ice cream...

Security, Pest Control
Burgular alarms, locks, safes, termite control

Package shipping, shipping supplies

Shoes, boots, footwear

Signs & Screen Printing
Commercial signs, truck lettering, screen printing, embroidery

Specialists / Personal Help
Chiropractors, psychologists, counselors, speech pathology (see also: Massage)

Sports & Fitness
Golf, minigolf, gyms, karate, bicycles, dancing, archery, city parks... (see also: Fishing & Hunting)

Storage / Warehouses
Storage garages, warehouses, boat storage

Title & Home Inspection
Title companies, home inspectors, abstractors

Transportation & Moving
Busses, movers, moving supplies (see also: Rentals)

Travel Agents
Travel agents, cruises

Utilities, Cable, Telephone
Electricity, gas, telephone, internet, cable TV, satellite, septic tanks...

Vacant Property
Find a home for your business in Coldwater now! Click to view offices/property for rent/sale

Vending Machines / Amusement
Vending machines, upright video games, pinball, juke boxes...

Video Production
Television, video taping, video copying

Water & Ice
Bottled water, water softening, water purification, ice

Wedding dresses, tuxedos (see also: Florists & Greenhouses; Photography & Art; Rentals)

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