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"A government big enough to give you everything you want is a government big enough to take from you everything you have."
       -- Gerald R. Ford, Aug. 12, 1974
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Below are links to important news articles relevant to you and your family. The links are from the official Branch County Tea Party mailing list and is updated daily, so check here often. Become informed, and contact your elected officials as necessary in order to take back America!

2013-03-10 --Obama--Law Breaker in Chief--
2013-03-09 --Why I'm glad to be an American--
2013-03-07 Biggest Killer of Humans
2013-03-03 -- It's PEOPLE Control---
2013-02-25 --The NEW America & Agenda 21--
2013-02-25 --NDAA resistance spreading in Michigan & the U.S.--
2013-02-24 --WARNING to politicians-we will not allow you to disarm us--
2013-02-24 --How to end Obama's Tyranny--
2013-02-24 --Gun companies boycott grow by over 700 percent in one week--
2013-02-21 --The disarming of our veterans---
2013-02-20 --Columbine survivor to Obama..whose side are you on?--
2013-02-19 --SCOTUS employees caught withholding documents--
2013-02-19 --More States tell govt...Don't touch our Guns--
2013-02-19 --Feds admit more laws won't slow crime---
2013-02-18 Obama eligibility case on the move to Supreme Court
2013-02-17 --Tell Snyder what you think about Obamacare--
2013-02-17 --Snopes---revealed---!!!!
2013-02-17 --List of Anti Gun advocates--
2013-02-16 --gun makers boycott govts hostile to 2nd amendment--
2013-02-16 --Socialist Party of America--Dems that are members--
2013-02-15 ---People want the TRUTH---
2013-02-14 Grandma & Obamacare
2013-02-14 --Update on Obama Eligibility Scandal---
2013-02-14 --Missouri dems introduce legislation to confiscate guns--
2013-02-13 --Top 10 reasons I skipped the SOTU address--
2013-02-13 --SOTU---TEA Party response--Rand Paul--
2013-02-12 --Unions lose it under Obama--
2013-02-12 --Obama & UN gun control--
2013-02-11 --Blame the Right MOB falls silent--
2013-02-10 Got To See This....The Second American Revolution?
2013-02-10 --Sandy Hook citizen testimony---
2013-02-10 --Obama building a personal army at DHS?--
2013-02-10 --Keeping Americans uninformed---
2013-02-10 --Church Member shoots back at terrorists--
2013-02-04 --Why you want a Curio & Relic license--
2013-02-04 --Monsanto joins coalition for Agenda 21--
2013-02-04 --Letter to Editor--from Newtown citizen--
2013-02-03 --Scandal that will bring Obama down?--
2013-02-03 --Coach with CCW defends himself & others in Detroit--
2013-02-02 --DHS raids home & confiscates guns-no charges filed--
2013-02-01 --1100 Green Berets set record straight on guns--
2013-01-31 --20 questions for Barak---
2013-01-30 --Agenda 21 in action--
2013-01-28 --Beyond the Tea Party--
2013-01-27 --How about an Obama/Biden/Reid/Pelosi bkrnd check?--
2013-01-25 --Women arrested for opposing smart meter install--
2013-01-25 --The Great One wins against Obama--
2013-01-23 Capitol Possibly Rejecting Your Calls
2013-01-21 --Obama could not pass a backround check--
2013-01-20 The man who challenges Obama's family story
2013-01-20 Hawaii registrar certifies birth certif. a forgery
2013-01-20 50 state open carry demonstration
2013-01-19 --We need big spending cuts--
2013-01-19 --- The Time Bomb in Obamacare ---
2013-01-18 --Why the RNC silence about voter fraud--
2013-01-18 --How Obamas Gun Order will Backfire--
2013-01-17 --47 States Revolt against Obama Gun Control--
2013-01-16 --civil wars-a-brewin--
2013-01-16 --Obama wants people to snap--Rush Limbaugh--
2013-01-15 --Politicians & Libs refuse to allow gun free zone signs--
2013-01-14 --News on the Obama identity theft scandal---
2013-01-14 --An open letter to elected class regarding guns--
2013-01-14 --- Choose your own crime stats ---
2013-01-13 --Piers Morgan is lying---
2013-01-12 --Top 10 Conservatives--
2013-01-11 --The good thing about Newtown--
2013-01-10 --This is more than a coincidence---
2013-01-10 --Is Obama's plan to bankrupt America?--
2013-01-10 --A little surprise in the HC bill about gun registration--
2013-01-09 Gun task force member has son convicted of planning school shooting
2013-01-09 --Washington's MOST Corrupt--
2013-01-09 --Obama & Bank attempting end run on congress--
2013-01-08 Proposed bill to register sale & purchase of Precious Metals
2013-01-07 --Obama supporters shocked at new TAX increase--
2013-01-07 ---Why Michigan Matters---
2013-01-06 Obama's Gun Control Presidential Threat is Impeachable Offense
2013-01-06 --What the media is saying about Sandy Hook shooting--
2013-01-04 --Snopes gets Snoped--
2013-01-04 --America..Keep your guns---
2013-01-04 -- police lieutenant warns of martial law early 2013--
2013-01-03 --US Marine to Sen Feinstein--
2013-01-01 --WashDC's most wanted corrupt politicians-2012--
2013-01-01 --County Sheriff's role in 2nd Amendment--
2012-12-30 --Jesse Ventura & Piers Morgan--2nd Amendment--
2012-12-30 ---The Obama Hustle---
2012-12-28 O orders pay raise for Biden & members of congress - Federal employeres!!1
2012-12-26 --Sam Donaldson says America is no longer our country--
2012-12-25 --What you don't know about Columbine--
2012-12-24 --Michigan info---
2012-12-24 --A Daughter's Regret--
2012-12-22 --Obvious & Hidden--signs of collapse--
2012-12-19 --China demands US citizens-disarmed--
2012-12-18 --WND Whistle Blower of the Year--
2012-12-17 --Keeping perspective on guns & massacres--
2012-12-15 --Wild Bill---Dead kids for Christmas--
2012-12-15 --Demanding an Obama eligibility hearing in Florida--
2012-12-13 --Michigan--union money laundering operation--
2012-12-12 --Union Thugs incite violence in Michigan--
2012-12-11 =?windows-1252?Q?MichCapCon_12=2E8_=97_Media_Misleads_On_RTW_Conclusion?=
2012-12-10 Speaker Bolger blasts Democrats and Union leaders
2012-12-10 --Rural America becoming less relevant?--
2012-12-10 --NDAA Nullification up in Mich. Senate comm.--
2012-12-07 --Boehner Orchestrating the GOPs demise?--
2012-12-04 --Subpoena granted for Obama's college records--
2012-12-04 --Speaker purging house committees of conservatives--
2012-12-02 --Another quietly released policy memo--
2012-11-27 --Obama re-elected by illiterates--
2012-11-24 --A great video of the conservative view--
2012-11-23 --TOP Ten liberal absurdities--
2012-11-20 --Killing the Golden Goose--
2012-11-13 --Using rules for radicals against liberals--
2012-11-06 --Why it's Romney & not very close--
2012-11-05 --Obama demonizes TEA Party in final days of campaign--
2012-11-05 --Big names that predict Romney win--
2012-11-02 --Must be he has something to hide--
2012-11-01 --University of Colorado prediction--Interesting--
2012-11-01 --Miscalculation of the American left--
2012-10-31 Mich. Supreme Court Candidates and Their Endorsements
2012-10-31 --Obama & cronies face 43 TRILLION dollar lawsuit--
2012-10-31 --Arrogant Election forecast---
2012-10-29 --Obama needs to pack his bags--
2012-10-29 --Mr. President--they know--
2012-10-27 =?windows-1252?Q?=2D=2DMichCapCon_10=2E26_=97_Unions_Lying_About_Prop_2_Bus?=
2012-10-26 Teen figures out Obama Birth Certificate
2012-10-26 ---Gun walking..first Mexico..Then Syria---
2012-10-25 The Simple Truth About a Liar
2012-10-25 --Red Carpet for Radicals at White House--
2012-10-25 --Mitt Romney's quiet prayer---
2012-10-24 --Horses & Bayonets--
2012-10-23 --Obama--in his own words---
2012-10-20 -- Liberalism's Flailing Struggle to Just Survive --
2012-10-18 Romney can't win
2012-10-17 Fwd: Teen figures out Obama Birth!
2012-10-16 --- Agenda 21---read & research---
2012-10-12 Jackson, MI: Rally to Support Romney/Ryan Ticket - Tuesday
2012-10-11 --- Obama did NOT make the decision ---
2012-10-10 He Has Read The Entire Health Care Bill
2012-10-08 --DVD being mailed to swing state voters--
2012-10-08 --- Obama Supporter Interviews Herself---
2012-10-06 ---China's Chevy....A Must Watch---
2012-10-02 Tea Party 10
2012-10-01 --Report about Michigan against NDAA detention powers--
2012-09-27 -- New Gun Grabbing Schemes Stimulate Gun Sales--
2012-09-25 --Dems---It's over--
2012-09-24 --10 bad economic signs for Obama--
2012-09-20 --Obama retirement plans?---
2012-09-18 --Valerie Jarrett & the muslim brotherhood--
2012-09-15 --Health Secretary violates Hatch Act---
2012-09-15 --- NDAA court ruling ---
2012-09-14 --Starting to unravel for Obama---
2012-09-12 Pull Our Rumors
2012-09-11 Michigan: Senate Needs to Hear from You about Several Pro-Gun Reforms
2012-09-11 =?windows-1252?Q?MichCapCon_9=2E10_=97_Behind_the_Union=2DBacked_Ballot_I?=
2012-09-11 --Israeli Science--Obama birth certificate--FAKE--
2012-09-09 --To the Lesser of Two Evils Crowd--
2012-09-08 --- James Carville, Democrat operative---
2012-09-06 List of Republican Budget Cuts
2012-09-06 --Dems rejection of God the turning point---
2012-09-05 --- I am the Tea Party ---
2012-09-02 GOP--Agenda 21-no threat to US sovereignty--
2012-09-02 --Taking over the GOP one election at a time--
2012-08-31 --Algore has popular vote scheme to bypass Constitution--
2012-08-28 --Dems introduce bill to seal Obama records---
2012-08-27 --Obama's past--ready to rock RNC---
2012-08-26 ---Obama's Plan B---
2012-08-25 --2016--blows out box office---
2012-08-24 The Movie 2016 (who Barack Obama really is)
2012-08-24 --Univ. of Colorado prediction poll---
2012-08-24 --MichCapCon 8.24 Premium Teacher Benefits Taking Priority--
2012-08-23 ICE agents file suit against Napolitano's DREAM amnesty
2012-08-23 --Ray Stevens---Obamanation---
2012-08-23 --Life on the Liberal Reservation--
2012-08-20 --When Israel strikes Iran in October---
2012-08-19 ---Puttin' up the Flag---
2012-08-19 ---Open letter to communist Valerie Jarrett---
2012-08-18 --Young voters fed up with economy---
2012-08-18 ---Defeating Tyranny---
2012-08-18 ---Australia warns America---
2012-08-17 European Tax Rates
2012-08-17 --Real reason Obama's have no law license--
2012-08-17 --- Mission Impossible? ---
2012-08-15 --Panic in the "black Jesus" camp--
2012-08-15 --Occidental activist--I thought Obama was gay--
2012-08-14 =?windows-1252?Q?=2D=2D_MichCapCon_8=2E14_=97_=27Small_Government=27_Claim_More?=
2012-08-13 Obama signs bill exempting presidential appointees from Senate confirmation
2012-08-13 --Obama secrets kept from Americans--
2012-08-12 YOUR Opinion Needed!
2012-08-11 ---That radical TEA Party---
2012-08-10 --Obama lawyer defends NDAA in court--
2012-08-07 --WH confirms-Obama wants to ban guns--
2012-08-06 --- LaPierre blows whistle on U.N. gun grab---
2012-08-05 --Liberal Tyranny & the cluck heard 'round the world---
2012-08-04 --Obama's Executive orders to date---
2012-08-04 ---Would Blacks vote for a White Obama?---
2012-08-02 Michigan Governor Rick Snyder will be in Coldwater
2012-08-02 ---Burn down the suburbs---
2012-08-01 ---Americans flock to support Chick-fil-A---
2012-07-30 Obama Believes He Can't Be Wrong
2012-07-30 --Cowardly house repubs refuse to defund Obamacare--
2012-07-30 ---It's about LIBERTY stupid---
2012-07-28 Let's talk about TRANSPARENCY
2012-07-28 Grassroots Action Equals Victory at U.N.
2012-07-28 --UN fails to reach arms deal---
2012-07-25 ---The missing link on gun control---
2012-07-24 ---Why Liberals will become extinct---
2012-07-24 ---Very Interesting interview with Military Insider---
2012-07-23 --TEA Party shaping the election...under the radar---
2012-07-21 --Barry's second term--
2012-07-21 --17 Things you can do to defeat Obama---
2012-07-21 ---Colorado shooting--False Flag?---
2012-07-21 ---Colorado Theater--gun free zone---
2012-07-20 U.N. Arms Trade Treaty Alert
2012-07-20 -- Confidential Breaking News for Team Durant Supporters---
2012-07-19 MichCapCon 7.19 - Despite Deficit, School District Still Spends
2012-07-19 10 Reasons to vote NO on BISD millage request
2012-07-18 Letter to Obama (Neal Boortz)
2012-07-18 Check out The President's $8 Billion Coincidence
2012-07-17 The Pigford Case
2012-07-17 Sad & Shocking News from ABC's Diane Sawyer
2012-07-17 --- WHEN ---
2012-07-14 Please--Watch this video & stay tuned
2012-07-14 --Why do they want us DIS Armed?---
2012-07-14 --27 percent-less likely to vote for Obama after SCOTUS opinion---
2012-07-13 Walberg Weekly Wrap-Up: Repealing the President`s Health Care Law
2012-07-13 Thomas Jefferson: What a guy
2012-07-13 MichCapCon 7.13 - Money Missing From Union's Federal Report
2012-07-12 Breitbart Award Winner Is...
2012-07-11 --Napolitano may exempt muslims from airport pat-downs--
2012-07-11 ---Why Obama Lies---
2012-07-10 =?windows-1252?B?LS0tIFRoZSBuZXcgdGVycm9yaXN0cyCWIHRoZXmScmUgYWxsIG9mIHVzLS0t?=
2012-07-09 --Video statement to Obama--
2012-07-09 --Conservatives should thank Roberts for HC decision--
2012-07-09 ---The TEA Party is coming---
2012-07-08 ---Back Door Gun Control Coming Soon---
2012-07-07 --So much for Obama being the Intelligent One--
2012-07-06 --Obamas Victory could spell his Defeat--
2012-07-03 The National Anthem
2012-07-03 --Why Liberals are afraid of the 4th of July--
2012-07-02 Civics Test/ this is HARD, IF YOU ARE NOT INTO "GOVERNMENT"
2012-07-02 --Did the Chief Justice pull one over the liberals?---
2012-07-01 --A Letter to Michelle---
2012-07-01 --36 States looking to opt out of Obamacare---
2012-06-30 20 GOP Senators Refusing To Oppose UN Global Tax Scheme
2012-06-30 --Issa reveals wiretaps from DOJ mole---
2012-06-29 --- Will this Independence Day Be Your Last? ---
2012-06-28 The Largest Tax Hike in American History
2012-06-28 --Obamacare ruling..good for Tea Party--
2012-06-27 --International Treaty negotiated in Secret---Threatening our sovereignty--
2012-06-27 --Biggest scandal in US history---
2012-06-25 --Government solutions NEVER work--Duh!--
2012-06-24 --Hillary-a mastermind behind Fast & Furious---
2012-06-23 --Dems admit--Obama NOT eligible for office--
2012-06-21 RINOs Secretly Pushing UN-Style Tax
2012-06-20 --Will Michigan nullify NDAA indefinite detention?--
2012-06-20 --Thomas Sowell--random thoughts---
2012-06-20 --The rise & fall & epic fail of the Hope & Change president--
2012-06-20 --Biographer admits--there was no Obama family--
2012-06-19 --Obama attorney tells judge-Obama not the dem nominee---
2012-06-18 --Obama tied to architect of US economy collapse--
2012-06-17 ---Are we in Revolutionary Times?---
2012-06-16 --A List of Obama's Worst Executive Orders--
2012-06-15 --Election being rigged before you vote---
2012-06-14 --Utopia - the perpetual delusion of the left
2012-06-14 --- Nullifying agenda 21 ---
2012-06-13 ---The Original "birther"---
2012-06-11 --Socialist party covering up Obama membership--
2012-06-10 --NDAA ruling--Obama defies federal judge--
2012-06-10 --A civil rights suit close to us---TMLC---
2012-06-10 --- Van Jones Tells Left: Fear The Tea Party----
2012-06-10 --- If I were your prez ---
2012-06-08 --- Why working-class people vote conservative---
2012-06-07 --- MichCapCon 6.7 - Lessons From Wisconsin---
2012-06-06 --Tea Party & Conservatives Triumph in Wisconsin--
2012-06-04 IF YOU DON'T LIKE MITT, Consider this!
2012-06-03 ---Obamacare decision..monumental & irrelevant---
2012-06-02 Tea Party Express Coming to Kalamazoo June 6
2012-06-02 --Busting the Bilderbergs wide open--
2012-06-02 --- An interesting 3 yr old email ---
2012-06-01 --Harbingers of doom for Obama---
2012-05-30 --- Stop Freedom Crushing UN Agenda 21 ---
2012-05-27 --UN makes bid for U.S. internet control---
2012-05-27 --Never call socialism by its right name--
2012-05-26 --Dems abandoning Obama--
2012-05-25 --Liberal Senator threatens Supreme Court--
2012-05-24 ---Obama appoints assasination czar---
2012-05-22 --Biden--Tea Party is reason for bad economy---
2012-05-21 --NDAA amendment--Indefinite Detention still the law--
2012-05-21 --Congress not standing ground on 2nd amendment---
2012-05-21 --Congress cans the Constitution---
2012-05-21 --Can the TEA Party act before election--
2012-05-18 --NDAA-obama citizen detention plan in trouble--
2012-05-17 --Born in Kenya---
2012-05-17 ---NDAA 2013 headed to full house---
2012-05-16 ---Time to declare war on stupid---
2012-05-16 ---Should we obey all Laws?---
2012-05-15 Notice---Active and Retired Military---Read This
2012-05-15 --Tea Party turns up heat on House GOP leaders---
2012-05-14 ---Gov. Moonbeam pushing California toward cliff---
2012-05-09 --Another UNCONSTITUTIONAL executive order--
2012-05-09 ---Tea Party hails Lugar DEFEAT---
2012-05-08 --The progressive's plan---
2012-05-08 --Tea Party candidate Mourdock DEFEATS Lugar in Indiana race---
2012-05-08 ---Gov't playing games with Obama draft card records---
2012-05-07 --Obama & the internet kill switch--
2012-05-06 --Time for Boehner to STOP protecting Holder---
2012-05-06 --- Spychips for soldiers--who's next?---
2012-05-05 --EPA plans to emplement Agenda 21---
2012-05-05 ---FORWARD--the marxist message---
2012-05-05 ---DHS preparing for massive civil war---
2012-05-04 --Occupy Chicago & Communists march together--
2012-05-03 --Best reason to vote against Obama..self defense---
2012-05-03 ---Huge Tea Party in Missouri----
2012-05-02 Governor Snyder Continues His Attack on Food Freedom
2012-05-01 --Ohio Bridge bombing suspect---
2012-04-30 Legislators kick off prayer caucus
2012-04-30 ---Obama--A serial killer?---
2012-04-30 ---Great News from North Dakota---
2012-04-29 ---Obama's jihad connections---
2012-04-28 Obama: The Affirmative Action President
2012-04-28 --Seven disturbing quotes from Obama administration---
2012-04-28 --Dems trying to get around 2nd Amendment rights---
2012-04-27 --- Paul Harvey 47 yrs ago---
2012-04-26 --- Fantastic Speech - Left or Right ---
2012-04-25 A Few Things You Should Know...
2012-04-25 --War on Farmers---
2012-04-24 --OccupyWS is threatening to shut down NYC---
2012-04-23 --Is the TEA Party still relevant?--
2012-04-22 --- If you wanted America to fail ---
2012-04-21 --A Real Shocker From Judge Napolitano--
2012-04-20 --Virginia passes law to nulify NDAA--
2012-04-20 --Obama seeking to cede US oceans to UN law--
2012-04-19 --Soros funded by Obama Stimulus fund--
2012-04-19 --Obama's plan to steal American's land---
2012-04-19 --Obama officially ineligible--
2012-04-17 Chairman Ryan Welcomes Chairman Conrad's Reversal on Budgeting
2012-04-17 --Seven most disturbing Obama events--so far!--
2012-04-16 --New Executive Order--Power Grab for Natural Gas--
2012-04-16 --Justin Amash calls for Holders resignation--
2012-04-15 --Obama lawyer admits BC is a forgery--
2012-04-15 --Is your Congressman a socialist/communist?--
2012-04-12 --Enemies of the people--
2012-04-11 Let this sink in (Women and the Obama Economy)
2012-04-11 --10 indications..Obama is scared---
2012-04-10 --Supremes decide role of Gov't.--
2012-04-10 --A question to ponder--
2012-04-09 --Let's have some action on eligibility--house GOP--
2012-04-08 Trump & Obama Care
2012-04-08 -- 51 facts about Obama eligibility --
2012-04-07 --U.S. communist praises Obama as a black radical--
2012-04-07 --State shuts down everyone's Free Speech--
2012-04-07 ---Obama's bogus resume---
2012-04-06 Congress will listen to this!
2012-04-06 --Is FOX news being threatened about eligibility?--
2012-04-05 --Obamacare was never about Health--
2012-04-05 --Hillary Supporters--Untold Obama Horror Stories--
2012-04-04 --Michiganistan-Christians must waive rights to speak--
2012-04-04 --Judges order justice dept to clarify remarks--
2012-04-02 --Obamacares inescapable death march--
2012-04-01 Joe Arpaio March 31 press conf.--video--
2012-04-01 --Hollywood producer--Bill Clinton said Obama Ineligible--
2012-03-30 --The 12 worst colleges for FREE SPEECH in America in 2012--
2012-03-28 --Russian media reporting on "forged birth certificate--
2012-03-28 --Obama the stealth Socialist--
2012-03-27 --Obama admitting he is a Muslim--
2012-03-26 --DC Tea Party Rally opposing Obamacare--
2012-03-26 --- Christians are Born for Combat ---
2012-03-25 --The biggest set of Lawbreakers in U.S. History---
2012-03-24 The barn yard [remake of classic fable]
2012-03-24 --Obama passport witness fatally shot--
2012-03-24 --Michigan Senate stops Home Health care dues skim--
2012-03-23 ---Senator Stabenow--Porker of the Month---
2012-03-22 ---GOP leadership balking at calls for Holder's head--
2012-03-21 --The day the media DIED--
2012-03-21 --Sheriff Joe---tons more info on Obama---
2012-03-19 --What Occupy Wall Street gets Wrong--
2012-03-19 --Holder--We must brainwash people against guns--
2012-03-19 --Ayers family put Obama thru school---
2012-03-19 ---Obama vs the Democrats---
2012-03-18 --New spy center for domestic eavesdropping--
2012-03-18 --Blindly following Barack Hussein Obama--
2012-03-18 --Are we on the verge of Obama Great Depression?--
2012-03-17 --20 obvious truths that will shock liberals--
2012-03-16 --The Sebelius savings plan--
2012-03-16 --How easy it is to vote multiple times--No ID required---
2012-03-16 ---Is Liberalism Immoral?---
2012-03-15 --Birth Certificate investigators threatened with fed invest.---
2012-03-14 ---Obama's Associates---
2012-03-13 --Hawaii official swears--NO Obama birth certificate---
2012-03-13 --A tale of Two Movements--Please read---
2012-03-12 --Senate Tea Party caucus proposes balanced budget--
2012-03-12 --Obama's plan to soar gas prices---
2012-03-12 --Can the President kill you?--
2012-03-12 --- Los Angeles museum education project ---
2012-03-11 --Cops to be trained on Constitution---
2012-03-11 "When You're Holding a Hammer (Everything Looks Like a Nail)"
2012-03-11 "When You're Holding a Hammer (Everything Looks Like a Nail)"
2012-03-09 2012 Tax Poster: Discover Where Your Money Goes!
2012-03-09 --Rating your state--Second Amendment rights---
2012-03-08 --The never ending Tea Party--
2012-03-07 ---Corruption beyond our Imaginations---
2012-03-07 'Occupy' example of Obama's America
2012-03-06 ---The vetting of Obama begins---
2012-03-06 ---Majority in 3 key States doubt O's eligibility---
2012-03-05 =?windows-1252?Q?=2D=2D_SPECIAL_EDITION=3A_A_Tale_of_Two_States_=97_Indiana?=
2012-03-05 --Redistributionist Gov't doesn't benefit the poor---
2012-03-05 --Obama accused of inappropriate behavior---
2012-03-05 ---Code words---
2012-03-04 --Supreme Court has ruled on Obama's eligibility---
2012-03-04 --High gas prices advance O's socialist agenda---
2012-03-03 --UN to propose planetary water & food regs--
2012-03-03 --Quietly signed mutual military pact--US & Canada--
2012-03-03 --Exposing Communists in the administration---
2012-03-03 ---10 indications Obama is scared---
2012-03-02 Dept of Agriculture irony
2012-03-02 =?windows-1252?B?LS0tLSBQcnVkZW4gJiBQb2xpdGljczogSGWScyBkb2lukiB3aGF0IGNvbWVzIG5h?=
2012-03-02 ---Check out this WEBSITE---
2012-03-01 --Sebelius & the Death Spiral--
2012-03-01 ---The Revolt against limited government---
2012-02-29 About those gas prices, your government in action
2012-02-29 --The Autoworkers Obama left behind---
2012-02-29 --Sheriff Arpaios posse report news conference---
2012-02-29 --- Global-warming agenda rising again? ---
2012-02-28 ---Obama will LOSE in 2012---
2012-02-27 --Stopping NDAA detentions policy---
2012-02-27 --IRS attempting to intimidate Tea Parties---
2012-02-27 --GM employees to get $7k bonus--from us.---
2012-02-26 --Windows 8 computers to have remote kill switch--
2012-02-26 --Foreign controlled corporations owning our roads---
2012-02-25 --- Dispatches From Bitter America ---
2012-02-24 --Poll--Obama has fallen out of favor w/millennials--
2012-02-23 --GOP establishment declares war on Tea Party--
2012-02-23 ---Global Warming & Earthly Lies---
2012-02-22 --15 questions the media would ask if Obama was a republican--
2012-02-22 ---The fairness fraud---by Thomas Sowell---
2012-02-21 --Twelve IMPEACHABLE offenses by Obama--
2012-02-21 --Stimulus never would work-WH economic team--
2012-02-20 Here's your change!
2012-02-20 Creeping Sharia---please watch!
2012-02-20 --OWS-planned endgame for U.S.--
2012-02-20 --Faith based poll results---
2012-02-20 ---Creeping Sharia---please watch!---
2012-02-19 Betrayal Watch: Constitution Attacked by Globalists Among Us!
2012-02-19 --VOTER info-- Presidential Primary FAQ---
2012-02-19 --States push back against NDAA provisions---
2012-02-18 --Sec. Treasury--White House has no solution---
2012-02-18 ---Dishonorable Dishonesty at the Top---
2012-02-17 --Science & Culture wars--nazification of U.S.--
2012-02-17 --Janet Napolitano is consistent---
2012-02-17 --Congressman Allen West on Black History month--
2012-02-16 The Agenda 21 Seminar
2012-02-16 --Two things to keep Obama from re-election--
2012-02-16 --- Deal or No Deal?---
2012-02-15 Feds Get Google to Hand Over Data on 11,057 Customers
2012-02-15 ---Obama's anticonstitutional pattern---
2012-02-14 Humor: Three Contractors
2012-02-14 --Obama's chief of staff lies about the budget---
2012-02-14 --Fat-Drunk-Lazy & Knocked Up--
2012-02-14 --- The TRUTH about 'global warming'---
2012-02-13 President's Budget Ensures Debt Crisis and Decline
2012-02-13 Constitution lecture series -- Hillsdale College
2012-02-13 --Michigan militia members on trial---
2012-02-12 --If he's a citizen--why try to fix it?---
2012-02-11 --It's not about's about POWER--
2012-02-11 --EU to use drones to enforce ag regulations--
2012-02-10 ---Holder and Obama would take your guns---
2012-02-09 ---Tea Party supporting Sheriff Joe Arpaio---
2012-02-08 --The Constitution for Everyone--
2012-02-08 --More about NDAA--Scary Potential--
2012-02-07 --Halftime in America--
2012-02-06 One-Term Proposition
2012-02-06 A terrible threat to free speech - it could be worse than SOPA
2012-02-06 --Why attempt to Change Constitution if Obama is eligible?--
2012-02-06 --Something STINKS in the Obama White House--
2012-02-05 --Top 10 ways WashDC annoys the Heartland--
2012-02-05 ---Obama pulls combat pay from troops---
2012-02-03 ---Some racist spin---
2012-02-03 ---Controversial political Art---
2012-02-03 --- States Propose Criminal Charges for Feds---
2012-02-01 --The global WARNING--on Global Warming---
2012-02-01 ---Liberal Super Pac taking on Tea Party 10---
2012-02-01 ---Gallup state numbers predict huge Obama loss---
2012-01-31 --Occupy Oakland---Occupy a Jail Cell---
2012-01-31 ---Bye Bye Occupy---
2012-01-30 ---America after Obama---
2012-01-29 Dem Rep Calls GOP Reps Terrorists!
2012-01-29 --A message from Rep. Allen West---
2012-01-28 St. Louis Paving Company video (example of thuggery)
2012-01-28 --Check out the unofficially funded programs this year--
2012-01-28 ---Economists right..Obama a failure!---
2012-01-27 ---What happened in a Georgia courtroom?---
2012-01-26 UN Agenda 21
2012-01-26 ---Does Obama want to lose? Yes!---
2012-01-24 --Soros warns of riots----
2012-01-24 --Obama being removed from 2012 ballot?--
2012-01-23 ---Obama--Vulture Socialist---
2012-01-23 ---Hey..What's a little detention?---NDAA
2012-01-22 --US Textbooks--Muslims discovered America--
2012-01-22 --Glenn Beck--Fox News told me to shut up---
2012-01-22 ---Senate--1000 days without a budget---
2012-01-19 ---Civilization in Reverse---
2012-01-19 ---And the Dance continues---
2012-01-18 --If you don't like Obamacare mandate..Earn Less Money--
2012-01-17 ---News from Uncle Carl---
2012-01-17 ---A policy of lying---
2012-01-16 --What'daya think of these apples?---
2012-01-16 --Socialism bombs out--Again--
2012-01-16 --Single State defies Obama detention plan--NDAA--
2012-01-15 ---Everything is at stake in 2012--
2012-01-14 --Court date set for Obama eligibility hearing---
2012-01-12 --DHS-Napalitano monitor Facebook-twitter-Drudge etc.---
2012-01-12 ---Putting out the DEBT FIRE---
2012-01-11 ---DNC chair blames TEA Party for Tucson shooting---
2012-01-10 Occupy Party vs. Tea Party
2012-01-10 ---Auditing the Fed---
2012-01-10 ---A possible attempt to Ban guns---
2012-01-09 --Open letter to Vets, Firemen,Police & all Oath Takers---
2012-01-09 --Holder assistant abruptly resigns from DOJ---
2012-01-09 ---Why Republicans are the problem---
2012-01-09 ---Rush Limbaugh predicts 2012 outcome---
2012-01-09 ---Obama's court packing moment---
2012-01-08 ---When the TEA Party died---
2012-01-08 ---Is this an Impeachable Offense?---
2012-01-08 ---A poll you probably haven't seen---
2012-01-05 --The beauty & unity of The Constitution & Declaration of Ind.--
2012-01-05 --Swipe your license to pay CASH for gas--what next?
2012-01-04 --Georgia court..Obama must prove eligiblity for 2012--
2012-01-03 --Obama Eligibility web site---
2012-01-02 --Supreme Court smackdown of Obama upcoming?--
2012-01-02 --Nationwide FEMA camps should raise eyebrows---
2012-01-02 --Election fraud investigation--Obama elegibility in N.H.--
2011-12-31 --Obamacare..the way of the dodo--
2011-12-30 --home grown terrorists plans school spies--
2011-12-30 ---Economic Fairness--A real Walter Williams article--
2011-12-30 ---America's Most Corrupt Politicians---
2011-12-24 --Obama's top boners of 2011---
2011-12-24 --Dems screw American people again--
2011-12-24 ---Stuck on Stupid Liberal Mode---
2011-12-23 --Health insurance survey targets gun owners--
2011-12-21 --Obama--A legend in his own mind!--
2011-12-21 --EPA seeks expanded regulatory power in sustainable development--
2011-12-20 --Merry Christmas--Welcome to Martial Law--
2011-12-18 --An open letter to Obama--
2011-12-18 --- Great video of testimony before Congress Re: gun rights---
2011-12-17 --Obama claims to be 4th best President--
2011-12-17 ---What would you do different--to bring America down?---
2011-12-14 --New Defense Bill--RIP due process---
2011-12-13 --Warning--Possible big power grab Today---
2011-12-12 ---Obama's Strategy---
2011-12-11 ---Obamacare-the way of the dodo---
2011-12-11 ---A meeting with Sheriff Joe Arpaio---
2011-12-11 --- This is 31 years old and still "priceless"---
2011-12-09 OWS letter! (this is REAL GOOD)
2011-12-06 Facts are stubborn things [for info purposes only]
2011-12-05 Important article by Steve Kroft from Sixty Minutes
2011-12-02 --WOW--An article in the Wash Post--
2011-12-02 ---Occupy starts and stops with Trash---
2011-12-01 Obama Care Public Committee Meeting!
2011-12-01 --30 tons of debris left at LA occupy site---
2011-11-30 --What's next after legalized same sex marriage?---
2011-11-29 Will Michigan implement ObamaCare?
2011-11-29 --Obama re-election strategy revealed---
2011-11-29 ---Gingrich and Immigration---Thomas Sowell--
2011-11-29 ---Five Self Defense Weapons---
2011-11-28 --Scientists in revolt over Global Warming---
2011-11-28 --Richmond City audits local Tea Party--
2011-11-28 ---Republicans finally get tough with Obama---
2011-11-28 ---National Defense Authorization Act---
2011-11-26 --Tough politics for Obama on guns---
2011-11-26 ---Holder's Dept of Retribution---
2011-11-25 --US blocks funds in climate change agreement---
2011-11-24 --Was it Really a Super Failure---
2011-11-24 ---The Castor Oil Candidate---
2011-11-23 ---Supreme Opportunity to Right a Wrong---
2011-11-22 Pelosi's Hitler youth program
2011-11-22 ---Broken President---
2011-11-21 --Pelosi now wants mandatory childcare---
2011-11-20 Paul Ryan Video Release on Surpassing $15 Trillion in Public Debt
2011-11-19 The next government gun grab
2011-11-19 --Why I care about Obama's Eligibility---
2011-11-19 --Conceal and Carry passes house--Senate next---
2011-11-18 --Even dems are growing tired of Obama---
2011-11-17 --Battle against Obamacare is not just at Supreme Court--
2011-11-17 ---Should I buy a gun?---
2011-11-17 ---How's that debt limit hike working out for you?---
2011-11-16 ---Why America won't accept Obamacare---
2011-11-16 ---Pushing Shooters off Public Lands---
2011-11-15 ---Vanishing Credit---
2011-11-15 ---Heritage Action Scorecard----
2011-11-14 --National Right to Carry reciprocity act up for vote---
2011-11-14 --Gov't about to take over Internet---
2011-11-14 ---A Tale of Two Movements---
2011-11-11 ---Well said----Three and a half days---
2011-11-08 --From Oakland to DC--occupy party is over---
2011-11-08 ---Quotes about OWS--
2011-11-07 ---Gun Owners to count at the ballot box---
2011-11-07 --- Real or Fake Cuts? ---
2011-11-06 --ACORN linked to occupy wall street---
2011-11-05 ---35 Congressmen call for Holders Resignation---
2011-11-04 --One year later--Obama still not listening---
2011-11-03 --Time for talking has passed--11/11/11---
2011-11-03 --Occupiers-TeaPartiers and the 10th commandment--
2011-11-02 ---The Do-Nothing Senate---
2011-11-01 ---Cain and the Liberals---
2011-10-31 ---Climate scientists caught lying and cheating again---
2011-10-31 ---America should listen to Paul Ryan---
2011-10-30 "We Can't Wait" for Senate Democrats to Pass the "Forgotten 15" for
2011-10-29 ---The real threat of Herman Cain---
2011-10-29 ---Chicago occupier--need to collapse American Govt.---
2011-10-28 The Tax System Explained in Beer
2011-10-28 DOJ wants to legally LIE to us
2011-10-28 ---Who is Barack Obama---
2011-10-28 --- Special Words .... Listen before Video is Blocked---
2011-10-27 --That's why they're the one percent---
2011-10-27 ---Global Warming---RIP---
2011-10-26 Gallup Poll: Americans Say No to Gun Bans!
2011-10-26 California Democrat Party among Solyndra's creditors
2011-10-25 Interview with Larry Arnn--Pres. of Hillsdale College
2011-10-25 --Tea Party &OWS--No comparison---
2011-10-24 ---Obama awakes a sleeping nation---
2011-10-23 --Has our system failed--or has our president?---
2011-10-22 UN control of Internet?
2011-10-22 Medisnare meet Obamasnare
2011-10-22 ---Obama the bounty hunter---
2011-10-20 --The dishonesty of Obamacare---
2011-10-19 Obama Wants Senate To Ratify Arms Treaty
2011-10-19 --Olbermann paid 10 million to lose viewers---
2011-10-19 ---Obamacare repeal now clearer than ever---
2011-10-17 900 Days & Still No Budget from Senate Democrats
2011-10-17 ---The Scapegoat Strategy---Charles Krauthammer---
2011-10-16 Your Social Security Card
2011-10-16 ---Michelle Obama's warning to gun owners---
2011-10-14 ---California gov banning open carry---
2011-10-13 ---Tea Party & Republicans are unpatriotic & hate America---
2011-10-12 ---Interesting---Birther report---
2011-10-10 ---The Transformation of Government---
2011-10-09 ---Reid shames the Senate---
2011-10-07 --President tantrum..Eat my my homework---
2011-10-07 --Obama on Occupiers vs Tea Party---
2011-10-04 ---The Gun is Civilization---
2011-10-03 ---The hypocrisy of dopes---
2011-10-03 ---The Obama Presidency - By The Numbers---
2011-10-03 ---The Devil & Mrs. Waters--- (humor?)
2011-10-02 ---Republicans cancel the Constitution?---
2011-10-01 ---Tea Partiers unite---
2011-10-01 ---Take this quiz---disregard the first one---
2011-10-01 ---A quiz to see your candidate---
2011-09-28 ---Preserve-protect-defend--the heart of the TeaParty---
2011-09-28 ---Constitution must be imposed on WashDC---
2011-09-27 ---Wacked out dems helping Tea Party---
2011-09-27 ---Had enough of the EPA yet?---
2011-09-26 ---How many Obama gaffes can the media ignore---
2011-09-22 ---witnessing the collapse of an American President---
2011-09-22 ---Will Obama just quit?---
2011-09-20 ---Physicist Resigns group over global warming---
2011-09-19 ---GOP and Tea Party---
2011-09-19 ---An amusing idea---
2011-09-19 ---Alinsky, Obama, Lies, Lies, Lies---
2011-09-19 "Occupy Wall Street" - Radical Globalist Movement?
2011-09-18 ---Deep Corruption at the Obama DOJ---
2011-09-16 --- Killing Your Voice ---
2011-09-15 --Obama's Quiver is Empty---
2011-09-14 Hold the line on property taxes
2011-09-13 Fast and Furious: An Impeachable Offense?
2011-09-13 ---Agenda 21--This needs major coverage---
2011-09-11 --An Anti-American Day of Rage planned---
2011-09-10 --Memo to Congress--Impeachment probe needed NOW---
2011-09-09 --You've never seen anything like 'Innocents Betrayed'---
2011-09-09 --What if the CBC were accused of wanting jews gassed?--
2011-09-09 --The speech that broke the patience of the Country---
2011-09-08 --Obama is the best thing to happen to this Country---
2011-09-08 ---The Coalition of the Whacky---
2011-09-08 ---Liberal visions of Health Care---
2011-09-07 ---Tea Partiers are Barbarians---
2011-09-06 A quick test
2011-09-06 --Recognize Palestine and we will defund the UN---
2011-09-05 ---Marco Rubio's courageous speech---
2011-09-03 Party at the ATF
2011-09-01 Speak the Truth (We need your help - record a short video)
2011-09-01 ---Could Obama be an Air Force pilot?---
2011-08-31 ---Real Story behind the TEA Party movement---
2011-08-29 ---Obama administration raids Gibson Guitar---
2011-08-29 ---America wants Answers---
2011-08-28 ---Underpublicized Deep Threat in White House---
2011-08-27 Where's Rick? (Why is Rick Perry Refusing Gun Questionnaire?)
2011-08-27 ---Tea Party Express--Tour Schedule---
2011-08-27 ---Gov Perry bills Feds Millions for detaining illegals---
2011-08-25 Free speech sleight of hand set to silence you
2011-08-25 --Global Warming causes civil war at White House---
2011-08-25 ---Kerosene Maxine-tells Tea Party to Go To Hell---
2011-08-25 ---Can it be?--Unions splitting from Dems?---
2011-08-23 ---Obama alias-vanishing from databases---
2011-08-22 ---Maxine Waters--giving the Tea Party direction---
2011-08-20 ---EPA killing more jobs than economy can create---
2011-08-19 You are a terrorist. Did you know that?
2011-08-19 ---Eleventh Circuit takes aim at Obamacare---
2011-08-18 ---Government agencies overlook benefits of CO2 concentrations---
2011-08-16 ---Socialist members of Congress---
2011-08-15 ---The buck stops with the Tea Party---
2011-08-14 ---The logical Dead End of the Nanny State---
2011-08-14 ---Ben Stein--Obama's Broken promises---
2011-08-13 ----Obamacare gets thumbs down by death panel----
2011-08-12 --Michigan ends food stamp frat parties---
2011-08-12 ---Obamacare or America?---
2011-08-11 Tea Party Hobbits Of The World Unite
2011-08-11 ---The DANGER of underestimating Obama---
2011-08-11 ---Tea Party blame & fairy tales---
2011-08-08 ---Is the TEA Party over?---
2011-08-08 ---AlGore--coming unhinged---
2011-08-07 --Another spot in Michigan that wants to control speech---
2011-08-07 ---Rogue Government-USA---
2011-08-06 ---The debt ceiling..Michele Bachmann & a blue collar plea---
2011-08-06 ---The Death of Reality in WashDC---
2011-08-06 ---How democrats would shut up Tea Partiers---
2011-08-05 ---Some Tea Party info---
2011-08-04 ---Look who endorsed Obama for another term---
2011-08-03 ---More Tea in 2012---
2011-08-02 ---Obama is fresh out of ideas---
2011-08-01 ---Demonizing Christianity---
2011-08-01 ---Back from the dead--Looking to undermine the system---
2011-08-01 ---Another view---We the stupid---
2011-07-31 At the Arizona Capitol---Freedom of speech to the MAX
2011-07-30 ---Falling for elites fear mongering---
2011-07-29 --China wants to build a city in Idaho---
2011-07-29 ---Leftists Beware--Christian Revolutionaries are coming your way---
2011-07-28 Urgent: House vote pending
2011-07-28 ---Democrats oppose Obama UN gun control treaty---
2011-07-28 ---Democrat budget plan--attack the Tea Party---
2011-07-27 Sen. Jim DeMint-- Why I Oppose the Boehner-Reid Debt Plan---
2011-07-27 --Explaining the Debt Limit to liberals---A short video---
2011-07-27 ---Tea is good for the GOP---
2011-07-27 ---Boehner plan an embarrassment?---
2011-07-26 A cartoon from the past (look at action plan in lower left corner)
2011-07-25 B-b-but it's his fault (About Obama and the budget)
2011-07-25 ---Responsibility movement grows---
2011-07-24 ---The folly of principle before party---
2011-07-22 ---Obama & Holder busted in Gunwalker gun scandal---
2011-07-22 ---A genuine forgery---
2011-07-21 ---Two years that changed America---
2011-07-21 ---Stability Police?---
2011-07-20 ---White house operative heading birther smear campaign---
2011-07-20 ---Neo Marxist warmers-keeping the movement alive---
2011-07-19 ---Why does Obama want the economy to collapse?---
2011-07-19 ---Overwhelming the system---
2011-07-18 ---Why do blacks still let Obama off the hook?---
2011-07-18 ---NRA takes on the UN---
2011-07-17 --U.S. too dumb to know he ia always right---
2011-07-17 ---See something--Say something---could this be Obama's brown shirts?
2011-07-17 ---Hitting Obama's nerve---A campaign there for GOP---
2011-07-16 They Can't Ignore Your Emails When You Do This
2011-07-16 Second Amendment Foundation -- Report From The U.N.
2011-07-16 --- Guess what? You're racist again ---
2011-07-14 House Committee Passes Amendment to Defund Illegal Obama Firearm
2011-07-14 --Constitutional Conservative--Michele Bachmann---
2011-07-14 ---Obama the Extortionist---
2011-07-14 ---Is our government rewriting history?---
2011-07-13 Video: Another Scandal That Could Bring Obama Down
2011-07-12 ---Obama imposes new gun laws by executive order---
2011-07-12 ---Additional Birth Certificate forgery evidence---
2011-07-11 --Australia to muslim women--Lift your veil or go to jail---
2011-07-10 Sunday Update: No Debt Deal!
2011-07-10 ---The Sugar Daddy has run out of sugar---
2011-07-10 ---The House must stop the EPA---
2011-07-10 ---Is our justice department is obstructing justice?---
2011-07-10 ----Please share with others----
2011-07-08 Guns (a novel idea - this may make your day)
2011-07-07 --Obama fights 2 front war--Jobs--Energy--
2011-07-07 --Another city council out of control?--
2011-07-07 ---UN's socialist-environmental agenda---
2011-07-07 ---UN gun grabbers at it again---
2011-07-06 --God the Father no longer part of UCC documents--
2011-07-06 ---Five things wrong with today's Republican party---
2011-07-06 ---Beyond the debt ceiling debate---
2011-07-05 Barack Obama is acting like a caged animal!
2011-07-05 ---Are Michigan's teachers too hard to fire?---
2011-07-04 Urge Your U.S. Senator To Sign Sen. Moran's Letter To The President
2011-07-04 --Some Independence Day thoughts from Ted Nugent---
2011-07-04 ---The awakening of Black America---
2011-07-04 ---Replacing property as a source of wealth creation---
2011-07-04 ---Happy 4th of July---My Father's Flag---
2011-07-03 ---Laws are for little people..not Obama---
2011-07-03 ---2011 Declaration of Independence from big government---
2011-07-02 --Some opinion from Rush Limbaugh--
2011-07-02 ---What did Congress know about "Natural Born citizen?"---
2011-07-02 ---Libs using same old tactics to promote global warming rhetoric---
2011-07-02 ---Agenda 21--conspiracy theory or real threat?---
2011-07-01 VA Bans Mention of God at Funerals for Vets
2011-07-01 ---MSNBC analyst suspended for crude truth telling---
2011-06-30 ---Tea Party supervises GOP---
2011-06-30 ---Questioning Michele Bachman's foster parent claims---
2011-06-30 ---Fourth of July message---
2011-06-30 ---Dems call for more gun control---
2011-06-30 ---Creeping sharia---
2011-06-29 NBC Attacks people of Faith and our National Heritage
2011-06-29 --Rabbit fights back--Rabbit 1 Obama0--
2011-06-28 An information site you may want to subscribe to
2011-06-28 --Why Obama must raise taxes---
2011-06-28 --Look who is starting an anti-tea party group--
2011-06-26 --Obama administration destroying our freedoms--
2011-06-26 --Is the fix in on the debt limit?--
2011-06-25 republicans differ from democrats--
2011-06-22 ---Barack Obama is a bad man---
2011-06-22 ---America's New Racists---
2011-06-21 NBC deleting "Under God"------Twice---
2011-06-21 ---New Michigan congressional districts---
2011-06-21 -- Monday Brief: ObamaCare Continues to Reveal Ugly Things--
2011-06-20 --Marxism in America--
2011-06-20 ---Obama--The new Caesar?---
2011-06-19 Proof--Palin is Evil-or something...
2011-06-19 --Deadly Regulations---
2011-06-19 ---Is the Tea Party a terrorist org?---
2011-06-18 ---Bachmann goes into overdrive---
2011-06-17 ---Democrats & gun control push---
2011-06-16 Major General Vallely: CIA Experts say BHO Birth Certificate Fake
2011-06-16 ---Texas has a bright idea---
2011-06-16 ---Tea Party driving the debate in GOP---
2011-06-14 Meet the new bridge boongdoggle. Same as the old bridge boondoggle
2011-06-14 --What we expect from President Bachmann--
2011-06-14 --Agenda 21--A plan for world government--
2011-06-13 --Second amendment injustice--
2011-06-10 ---Responsibilities as an American---
2011-06-09 Obama seeks to boost ego with taxpayers money
2011-06-09 --26 State healthcare court case--
2011-06-09 ---Obama's undeclared war on America---
2011-06-09 ---Obama's economic saboteurs---
2011-06-08 An interesting video about Obama elegibility
2011-06-06 BREAKING: Loophole Found to Avoid Obamacare Mandate!
2011-06-06 --The left hates Sarah Palin & Paul Revere--
2011-06-03 Department of Justice shocker!
2011-06-03 10-for-10! We Win Every Immigration Vote in House
2011-06-03 ---Tea Partiers Unite-We have Everything to lose---
2011-06-02 --Commerce nominee--US must pass Cap & Trade--
2011-06-01 Palin's use of American Flag--A breach of federal law?
2011-06-01 --Extension of the Patriot Act--
2011-05-30 ---DNC Chair has no clue--illegal immigration is a crime---
2011-05-28 --What 100 million dollars is to our budget--
2011-05-27 ---Time for GOP to implement full frontal assualt---
2011-05-26 ---Police State begins in Indiana---
2011-05-26 ---Bachmann a potential player---
2011-05-25 --Obama..working on gun control--under the radar--
2011-05-24 ---Perpetuating Federal spending on education---
2011-05-24 ---Dependency and Votes---
2011-05-23 Wait... I thought the tea party didn't matter?
2011-05-20 ---Let them eat Birth Certificates---
2011-05-19 ---Blackmailing Taxpayers---
2011-05-17 Palin says---Obamacare waivers---seriously---corrupt
2011-05-17 ---Thank you Fred Upton---NOT!
2011-05-16 The road to Bin Laden went thru Iraq
2011-05-16 ---Treasury to tap pensions to help fund government---
2011-05-15 ---Tea Party activists expose alleged gift cards for votes scam---
2011-05-12 ---Sunset or Sunrise on Liberty?---
2011-05-12 ---Are you on Obama's enemies list?---
2011-05-11 It's about Liberty--Not Healthcare---
2011-05-10 White house propoganda on mobile phones---
2011-05-10 Pulling the plug on Obamacare---Townhall---
2011-05-10 Democrats spending & power addictions---Townhall
2011-05-09 Is Obama a serial liar---American Thinker---
2011-05-09 Clarices pieces---About Abbottabod---
2011-05-09 A Fake---and on it goes---
2011-05-08 SEIU & others--Marching with communists---
2011-05-07 Obama plan to tax cars by the mile
2011-05-07 Detroit---the end game of liberalism---
2011-05-06 Obamanomics will make you poor
2011-05-02 Legaized theft of middle class American wealth
2011-05-02 Lapierre---an Obama 2nd term would gut gun rights
2011-05-02 Gun control-----working on it under the radar
2011-05-01 A youtube video about the "birth certificate"
2011-04-30 State declares Obamacare unconstitutional and null and void
2011-04-30 Is the "Birth Certificate" fake?
2011-04-29 Patent change illegal/need Tea Party
2011-04-29 Government union shakedown
2011-04-29 Enough drama already the countrys getting sick of it
2011-04-27 Maxine Waters===Swamp Queen
2011-04-26 What & Who is the TEA Party?
2011-04-24 The Kennedy curve
2011-04-23 Is this Obama's Grand Plan?
2011-04-23 EPA's train wreck
2011-04-21 Reality clashes with Obama's promised utopia
2011-04-18 Playing with fire
2011-04-18 Not tax cuts--Not wars--Not bailouts
2011-04-18 Mother Pelosi
2011-04-17 Snoozers lose touch with reality
2011-04-16 Is this the Holy Grail?
2011-04-16 Dictating is easy---Leadership is hard
2011-04-15 Rand Paul--I dare you to attend a Tea Party
2011-04-14 Another power grab in the works
2011-04-13 Fox & Friends from this morning
2011-04-12 MichCapCon 4.12 - Coldwater Sign Rule Update
2011-04-12 5 things that will happen to you if America goes bankrupt
2011-04-11 - Did a Michigan Town Ban Tea Party Signs in Public Parks?
2011-04-11 Tea Party brokers budget deal---Obama retreats
2011-04-11 MichCapCon 4.11 - Everywhere a Sign---Coldwater, Michigan Tea Party
2011-04-11 Battle Creek Enquirer/Federal Lawsuit Common Sense Patriots of Branch
2011-04-08 former Oakland county democrat officials charged
2011-04-08 Obama: I'll shut down gov't. and suspend military pay
2011-04-06 Orthodoxy
2011-04-05 Why God isn't doing well these days
2011-04-05 Socialized Medicine in action (or inaction)
2011-04-04 Social Security Trust Fund--It's Missing
2011-04-04 Failure by design
2011-04-03 Hidden bailout of Unions and Big Corps. in Obamacare
2011-04-02 Top 10 things Republicans want to CUT
2011-04-01 Tea tastes bitter to Harry Reid
2011-04-01 Reid: Country doesn't care about the Tea Party
2011-03-31 Tea Party working at State level
2011-03-31 Michigan's crazy drunk uncle
2011-03-28 Ponzi schemes
2011-03-28 Declaring war on FOX
2011-03-24 Global warming regulation
2011-03-24 Energy Fantasyland
2011-03-23 The more things change...
2011-03-23 Obama takes more land
2011-03-21 Toward April 8th
2011-03-20 Dhimmitude & the healthcare law
2011-03-19 Ongoing efforts to derail the Tea Party
2011-03-19 Global Warming R.I.P.
2011-03-17 Big government in your browser
2011-03-16 The King hearings Taboo busters
2011-03-15 So who won in Wisconsin?
2011-03-14 A must read. MAKERS VS TAKERS
2011-03-13 Net neutrality
2011-03-13 Freedom of Speech and the Supreme Court
2011-03-11 Tea Party vs NPR
2011-03-11 Crude Cruelty
2011-03-09 Rethinking the United Nations
2011-03-08 Union myths - Dr. Thomas Sowell
2011-03-07 Union Power (opinion article)
2011-03-03 Unions pay leaders well
2011-03-03 Dems lose the gun control issue
2011-03-01 Fw: Obama issues ObamaCare "opt out"; how to get yours
2011-03-01 Congress doing it's JOB
2011-02-28 More on the energy debate
2011-02-27 Public Unions (an opinion)
2011-02-27 "Big Government" failing over the globe
2011-02-26 EPA over-reach
2011-02-25 Young Barack (Barry) Excellent information
2011-02-24 Info about Gadhafi and more
2011-02-24 Fwd: The 112th House, 1st Session - U.S. Congress Votes Database -
2011-02-23 Some important bills passed about czars and FCC
2011-02-21 The subject of Rights
2011-02-20 Pull the Plug on Obama
2011-02-17 Support for the Governor of Wisconsin
2011-02-17 More about Net Neutrality
2011-02-14 Sustainable development & UN agenda 21
2011-02-13 Democrat senators drink the Kool Aid
2011-02-11 Defending Obamacare
2011-02-10 Net neutrality
2011-02-09 Tea Party magazine
2011-02-07 Tea Party model
2011-02-04 GE Jeff Immelt/Tea Party message
2011-02-03 House to reign in EPA
2011-01-31 The liberties of all mankind

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