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Library Program 'Through the Eyes of Rose'

Event Details:

Date: Thursday, April 16

Time: 5pm-6pm

Location: Branch District Library, Coldwater

Through the Eyes of Rose details the story of Rose Kozak and how she successfully defied the Czechoslovakian Communists in October 1949 and escaped with her children through the wilderness of the Bohemian Forest to the freedom of West Germany. Author John Kozak was just seven when he escaped with his mother and older sister from oppressive Communist rule. His emotional retelling of his mother's struggle to feed her family during the Nazi occupation of Czechoslovakia, her near drowning in the Danube River, and her reaction to the news that the Czech Communists had fabricated criminal charges against her husband all make for an intriguing look into the lives of a family deeply affected by the Communist takeover of their native country. Books available for purchase. To register, please visit or call (517) 278-2341 ex. 100 no more than 30 days before the program date.

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