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Infinisource and the Daily Reporter article    
An article in today's Daily Reporter mentioned discussions in Specifically, this was the group on Facebook. (You need to have a Facebook account to be able to view the group.) What happened is that I discovered that news articles were being posted all over the Internet about Infinisource moving its headquarters to Charlotte, NC, and I reported it on Twitter and Facebook that Infinisource was leaving Coldwater. Usually when a company "moves" it headquarters, something is taken away from the old location, i.e., a reduction or elimination. But the news articles were misleading. What actually is happening is that Infinisource is expanding operations (creating new jobs) and designating Charlotte, NC, as a new headquarters while leaving Coldwater intact. (GOOD news for Coldwater!) What is cool about Facebook is that others checked into it and posted right away, so I was able to quickly post corrections to Facebook and Twitter. Roland Stoy of the Reporter went so far as to mention the whole series of events on in the clarifying news story. Thanks to everyone who helped with this. I apologize for the original mistake. I do strive to be as accurate as possible with my reporting. If someone Emails me a rumor or news tip, I always check it out before reporting it to confirm it, first hand if possible (e.g., driving by the business). If I can't confirm something first hand, I always cite my source, and, if it's a web source, post the web link (which I did in the Infinisource case). Even with this, mistakes still occasionally happen. But again, thanks to everyone for helping with the quick corrections! And thanks for all the other good news tips I've received this year.
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