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Image for Entry 1315481750There has been a group on Facebook for about three years now, mostly echoing the updates and photos from this blog. But recently the group is finally getting a flurry of posts from others, asking questions about new businesses coming to Coldwater, etc. If you're on Facebook, check us out (click here)! Note: Facebook has changed their policies recently, so you now have to have a Facebook account to view the group. Also, in order to join/like the group so you can post, Facebook now requires you to be approved. Not a problem... click "join" and my wife or I will approve you promptly. We originally thought this would be irritating, but it's actually a good thing as it will prevent spammers from using the group to post spam advertisements. Anyway, hope to see you there! (Note: If you have a tip about a new business but are not on Facebook or would rather not post there, feel free to Email me... go to the home page, then scroll down to the "Email" button [by the "what's new" picture].)
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