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Support LOCAL businesses with... Cash Mobs! Cash Mobs is a new promotion (starting March 2013) started with the help of some lovely friends of It is a tangible way for all of us to show our support of locally owned small businesses.

A cash mob is pretty simple. You show up at the specific locally owned business at a predetermined date and time, spend a minimum of $10-20 cash, and have fun! It is sort of like a flash mob, but you are spending money and supporting a local business/business owner rather than singing and dancing. Though, if you would like to sing and dance while you shop, feel free!

At first we kept the times and locations secret, but we found that businesses are actually asking us to come, sometimes even offering a special discount to cash mobbers. So check this page regularly for the date, time, and place of the next cash mob... or... join the Cash Mobs group on Facebook, click on the "Events" tab, and RSVP!

Next Cash Mob:
To Be Announced
Targeted Business:

Show your support of local businesses and come out for a fun shopping experience. For downtown Cash Mobs, while you're downtown, visit neighboring businesses, have lunch, and HAVE FUN!!!

Photo from the March 2013 Cash Mob at Taylor's
March 2013 Cash Mob at Taylor's
Photo from the April 2013 Cash Mob at the Lamp Post
              Christian Bookstore
April 2013 Cash Mob at the Lamp Post Bookstore
Photo from the May 2013 Cash Mob at the North Woods Coffee Co.
May 2013 Cash Mob at North Woods Coffee Co.
Photo from the September 2013 Cash Mob at Biggby
Sept. 2013 Cash Mob at Biggby Coffee*
Photo from the October 2013 Cash Mob at Short's Root Beer Drive-In
Oct. 2013 Cash Mob #1 at Short's Drive-In
*"Local" status update (10/31/13): We have talked with the owner, and he is still committed to supporting the local community. He is trying to keep his store as "local" as possible while still keeping within new corporate rules.

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